‘This Wins Twitter’ — Hillary Clinton’s Year Perfectly Summed Up In Just 2 Photos

2016 was not kind to Hillary Clinton.  She lost an election that she was sure she’d win.  She lost that election simply because she was Hillary Clinton.  The American voters looked at Donald Trump and saw someone they’d rather have as president than Hillary Clinton.  Hillary is Hillary’s biggest liability and that must have been a really uncomfortable message for her to hear.

2017 hasn’t been much kinder.  She’s been running around displaying a stunning lack of self-awareness and embarrassing herself to an alarming degree.

We often see stories about tweets that “don’t age well.”  Tweets that politicians or celebrities wish they could take back.

This one probably takes the cake.

Today is Hillary Clinton’s birthday and Twitter users have been hammering her for this one.

David Burge had a great response.

This tweet is a great example of how Hillary thought she had this election in the bag.

She was positive she was going to win.  So positive that she spent more money on TV ads in Omaha than she did in Michigan and Wisconsin combined.  It was one of the worst run campaigns of all time.

That’s not just me saying it either.

It’s been documented by a study.

From Fox News:

A new study by the Wesleyan Media Project has found that the 2016 presidential campaign run by Hillary Clinton is without a doubt one of the worst-run political operations in years.

Interestingly, the directors of the study dispute the argument that “advertising doesn’t matter” in elections. Clinton’s failure to advertise in certain key states, they argue, was the biggest reason for her defeat by Donald Trump.

The study also backs the view that Clinton’s focus on identity politics and emphasis on condemning her opposition contributed to a campaign message devoid of substance with no clear message on policy.

Published in The Forum: A Journal of Applied Research in Contemporary Politics, the study found that one candidate in particular, Hillary Clinton, “almost ignored discussions of policy.” The study states the lack of advertising effectiveness “may owe to the unusual nature of the presidential campaign with one nonconventional candidate and the other using an unconventional message strategy.”

You know that she is reading and seeing these tweets about this too.  It has to drive her nuts.

You’d think that she would have deleted those awkward tweets on election night.

Maybe she still thinks she’ll be president?

She is the most delusional person in the world.

It wouldn’t surprise me.