Warning: 5 Things TRIGGERING Liberals this Halloween

It’s Halloween again which means that liberals across the country are just hours away from being triggered by various costumes.

Here’s a list of the top 5 things guaranteed to infuriate liberals during the next couple days.

#5 Indian Costume

#4 Mexican Costume

#3 Moana from Disney movie

From Inquisitr:

Disney has pulled a costume some have deemed “offensive” from its line of Halloween garb, as reported by USA Today.

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again! The time when everyone loses their minds over nothing more than a little bit of fun make-believe. This year’s first victim (or culprit, depending on your stance) is Maui, a character from the upcoming animated movie Moana, as well as a legendary Polynesian hero.

Critics of the costume, of which there are many, are saying it’s, wait for it, racist! And is anybody really surprised? This Maui from Moana is just one of many costumes that Disney and others will have pulled from their inventory by the time October 31 rolls around, because nowadays you cannot express your creativity without being skewered by the politically correct police.

#2 Elsa from ‘Frozen’

Yes, liberals out there are upset about this character because…she’s white.

From The Sun:

She wrote:  “There is one thing I don’t like about the character of Elsa. I feel like because Elsa is a White princess, and we see so many white princesses, her character sends the message that you have to be a certain way to be “beautiful” or to be a ‘princess’.

“That you have to have white skin, long, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

“And I don’t like that message. You are White, like Elsa—if you dressed up as a character like Moana, who has brown skin, you would never change your skin colour.”

#1 ‘The Wall’ Costume

Can you IMAGINE the look on liberal faces when they see this?

It’s not too late. There is still time to go pick up some of these costumes and annoy the snowflakes in your neighborhood.